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60 years of showing at the iowa state fair

2018 Iowa State Fair Marking Skartvedt Suffolks 50th

Consecutive Iowa State Fair Suffolk Show.


At Skartvedt Suffolks, our history is rich in tradition and we hope that you will take the time to see what we have to offer for your flock. We were honored to be inducted into the Suffolk Hall of Fame at NAILE 2013. Take a look at our Winners page to see examples of our accomplishments in the showring.

If you want to add Skartvedt Suffolks to your flock, please visit our Sale page for updates. Inquiries are welcome! Call us to arrange a visit to come see us in Iowa.

60 years of showing at the iowa state fair

We were honored to receive the
2019 Jack Rhodes Award Special Achievement Award
at the Midwest Stud Ram Sale.

Skartvedt Family - Suffolk Hall of Fame Picture, NAILE 2013
skartvedt farm

Wayne Skartvedt & Family

30142 F Avenue
Radcliffe, IA 50230
Phone: 515/291-8551

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We are looking forward to meeting you!